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    Seriously simple

    Smart lighting couldn't be any simpler


    Interact makes it easy for you to get from a set of components to a fully connected lighting system in no time. 

    No advanced know-how, special tools, wiring or drilling needed!


    1. Install

    Interact ready luminaires, retrofit kits or lamps


    2. Download

    and install the Interact Pro app


    3. Prepare

    with the Interact Pro app or web portal


    4. Set up

    the project with the Interact Pro app


    5. Gateway

    Optional: Add Interact gateway


    6. Manage,

    monitor and modify with the Interact Pro software

    Check out our installation video

    Contractor video

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    Explore the possibilities with Interact

    interact pro

    Interact overview


    Learn more about smart benefits for you and your customers and read inspiring case studies.


    Online trainings for contractors


    Stay ahead of the curve with our extensive trainings and become an authorized Interact contractor.


    Interact Pro web portal


    Monitor the lighting system, get valuable insights and helpful documentation – and more with the Interact Pro web portal. 

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