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    Interact Landmark software enables dynamic light shows

    Citadel of Namur



    Originally built in 937 and rebuilt several times, the Citadel of Namur in Belgium has long held a strategic defensive position for the city in its role as the capital of Wallonia. In addition to reducing operational costs, the City of Namur wanted to engage its citizens and attract tourists by providing a spectacularly illuminated Citadel by night.

    The LED technology enables us to lower our energy costs and significantly reduce the amount of light pollution.”

    - Arnaud Gavroy, Elderman of the City of Namur and responsible for the Citadel.

    Customer challenge


    As a part of a wider beautification project, the city of Namur was interested in increasing tourism at one of its most important landmarks, the historic Citadel. In order to meet their sustainability targets, while also saving on energy costs and improving operational efficiency, the city wanted a flexible software-based solution that would enable remote management and control of the dynamic lighting on the façade.

    Dynamic connected lighting and remote control

    With extensive grounds measuring 80 hectares, it was important that the new lighting system respect the fauna and flora that are native to the area. To meet this requirement, the connected LED lights can be remotely dimmed and controlled using cloud-based Interact Landmark lighting management software. The new system also supports the city’s sustainability and economic goals by reducing energy costs up to 75% compared to conventional lighting. The new Interact Landmark installation has contributed to economic growth in the city by attracting additional tourists, many of whom stay overnight and enjoy all the city has to offer.

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