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    Indoor navigation partner program

    Partnering for success

    To help customers with indoor lighting needs unlock the full potential of our indoor positioning system, we work with a wide range of partners. Our partner ecosystem consists of market leaders and innovative start-ups. By combining their complementary products and services with our highly accurate indoor positioning technology, we can provide customized solutions that exceed customer expectations.
    Location-based partner logos

    Location-based services

    Our indoor positioning system works with digital mapping, search, and customer engagement software from multiple parties. Using an indoor space’s LED lighting, these intelligent solutions help users of the space easily find what they’re looking for—providing information where and when they need it.
    IT and System integration partner logos

    IT and system integration

    For optimal customer engagement and staff efficiency, an indoor positioning system should integrate with IT and building automation systems to tap into the existing product location or planogram databases. To make these integrations less daunting, we have forged close partnerships with several industry leaders. These partners provide smart technology, integration know-how, consultancy, and project management services.
    In-store technology partner logos

    In-store technology

    To streamline operational processes, retailers are adopting a variety of in-store technologies such as self checkout systems and electronic shelf labels. Through our collaborations with market leaders in this area, you can enhance the benefits derived from your in-store technologies using our indoor positioning system.
    Robotics partner logos


    Operational processes are increasingly automated to save costs, and autonomous robots play a key role in this trend. To successfully navigate indoor environments, robots need a highly accurate and robust indoor positioning system.

    How the partner program works

    We’re always looking for new partners who share our passion for creating unique, value-added solutions for customers—across the entire spectrum of the retail industry and beyond. Companies that sign up for the partner program get access to a set of indoor positioning LED luminaires, as well as our indoor positioning software development kit (SDK). This lets partners integrate our technology with their own solutions to test and explore new applications. We welcome applications from both local and global companies, and will carefully assess each application. Please contact us below to start the conversation.


    Are you a customer with a daring vision to discuss? Contact us below to find out more about this innovative program. Just provide a few details and one of our experts will be in touch.

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    Join our developer community for access to open APIs and other development tools. You can create personal assistance apps, integrate with building management systems, analyze collected data for new insights, and much more.

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