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    Explore the potential of smart lighting for your office

    The workplace is changing. How can you keep up?

    Interact connected lighting for the IoT can reduce lighting-related energy consumption by up to 80%, helping you take a giant step toward your sustainability goals. You can take advantage of the world’s best, most manageable lighting from day one. And because the system is scalable, you can start small and add light points and data-enabled capabilities over time.

    With Interact you can save money and energy now and make your office ready for whatever the future may bring!
    Get ready for the future of work

    Get ready for the future of work

    For many years now, our lives — and by extension, our jobs — have been becoming more digitized. A greater focus on mental and physical health has meant that employees expect to be supported and protected more than ever. Climate action is right at the top of the agenda too, putting employers under pressure to provide an environmentally friendly workspace. Add in the global pandemic and the almost overnight shift to working from home and it’s safe to say that the landscape has shifted dramatically.
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