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    Connect your warehouse,
    step by step

    Industry is changing.
    How can you keep up?

    Digitalization, connected systems, the IoT: you know it’s coming. You want to participate rather than just observe and react, because it will give you a competitive advantage—now, and in the future. But you’re not convinced. After all, you have to keep operating costs low and productivity high, and you have to justify expenses by quantifying the total value of your investments.


    Let Interact connected lighting be your starting point. With Interact, you can digitalize in phases, making a solid and quantified business case at each step along the way.

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    Interact connected lighting has exactly what you need

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    Join the climate action revolution with energy-efficient lighting that’s perfect for zero-carbon retrofits
    More productive facilities

    More productive facilities

    Real-time heatmaps will help you guide inventory strategies like ABC analysis to improve productivity of your facility
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    Comfort and safety

    High-quality, well-managed lighting has a proven effect on safety and employee well-being
    Interact for your warehouse: a connected, scalable system

    Your business will thrive on smart, connected opportunities if you embrace change with the proper mindset. Interact connected lighting for the IoT can help. Light is everywhere people are, so IoT-enabling your warehouse lighting creates a platform you can use to distribute smart technology throughout your facility.


    Because it’s scalable, Interact lets you add the capabilities you need in phases, whenever you’re ready for them. Interact is the reliable and knowledgeable partner you need to inform, inspire, and support you every step of the way.

    Explore the potential of smart lighting for your warehouse

    • The connected warehouse is digitalized

      The connected warehouse is digitalized

      Part 1 of a three-part series investigates how connected systems help warehouses cope with an increasingly digital future.

    • The connected warehouse is safe

      The connected warehouse is safe

      Part 2 of a three-part series details how connected systems can help reduce warehouse incidents and create a healthy and comfortable working environment.

    • The connected warehouse is sustainable

      The connected warehouse is sustainable

      Part 3 of a three-part series investigates how connected systems can help warehouse owners and managers achieve sustainable operations.

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