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    Lighting an iconic Milwaukee landmark

    An abundance of connections uplifts a community

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin offers a vibrant hustle and bustle, yet retains a quintessential midwestern charm. About 1.4 million people live in the greater metro area, and with no racial or ethnic group comprising a majority of the population, Milwaukee is proud to unite as one multiracial and multicultural community.

    Ensuring that all citizens, regardless of race or background, have a chance to prosper is top of mind for Milwaukee’s leadership. This goal is intertwined with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett’s vision for safety and security in the city.

    A prosperous and growing economy is also part of Mayor Barrett’s vision. While Milwaukee’s economy is bolstered by its strong historical reputation in manufacturing and shipping industries, attracting other industries and small business owners will help to balance economic diversity and ease the path towards Mayor Barrett’s forward-thinking vision.
    Hoan Bridge, Milwaukee, WI

    How dynamic lighting transformed Milwaukee’s Hoan Bridge into a multi-faceted gateway


    The Hoan Bridge, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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