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    What it means to connect

    Connecting with a brighter future

    Digitization has the power to connect us more than ever. By making broadband more widely available, for example, people can access the services they need for a better quality of life. Digitization also makes cutting costs easier than ever before, meaning money can be redirected towards community projects that improve social equity. By converting your city’s street lights to connected LED, you're turning them into digital assets that can help create a more forward-thinking and inclusive society.
    Webinar - Smart street lighting for cities: wins and trends

    Smart street lighting for cities: wins and trends

    This webinar features Eric Woods, Research Director at Guidehouse Insights; Kevin Luteran, NYPA; and Eng Yong Liang, Global Subsegment Director for Cities at Signify. Speakers address current street lighting trends, creating smart communities with connected lighting, and using the connected street lighting infrastructure as the starting point for a fully featured smart city platform.
    Guidehouse Insights: Smart street lighting vendors

    Guidehouse Insights: Smart street lighting vendors

    Get your complimentary copy of the latest Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard Report. The report examines strategy and execution of 18 smart street lighting vendors, with Signify ranked right at the top.
    Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan

    Social equity and connected street lighting

    For Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan, smart street lighting promotes social equity by freeing up funds that can go to neighborhoods needing support. Also, Albany can build on its connected infrastructure to offer new services citywide.
    How Interact City does it

    How Interact City does it

    Interact City lays the foundation for a more connected city. With open APIs and shared data, city planners can collaborate with businesses and technology providers to create more reliable services for everyone.
    Interact City brochure

    Discover Interact City 

    Interact City creates the framework for a more sustainable operation. By reducing your energy costs, you can redirect funds towards other areas of your business. Download the brochure to learn more about what Interact City can do for you.

    Get more from Interact City 

    Interact City makes your streets safer and saves money. You can then invest those savings in improving city services and supporting citizens in need, all while laying the groundwork for future IoT capabilities that the city can make available to everyone.
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    Cities account for around 70% of global CO2 emissions. So it’s vital to put the right smart systems in place, not only for the good of people today, but for future generations. With Interact City, you can become a leader in sustainability. The time for climate action is now.
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