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    Interact City

    Make your city smart


    How do you make a city smarter and more livable? Interact City connected LED lighting system and management software provides you with a robust infrastructure to improve city services, improve citizen safety, beautify public spaces, engage with citizens and encourage civic pride. Interact City also reduces energy costs and increases efficiency so you can reinvest savings in new smart city projects.

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    What is possible?

    Interact City software applications are specifically designed to bring together connected lighting systems and the data that those systems collect with your other smart city solutions.
    lighting asset management

    Lighting asset management


    Easily commission new and existing lighting assets, detect faults, and remotely monitor energy and performance. Gain data-based insight into your city lighting and respond quickly with real-time alerts.

    energy optimization

    Energy optimization


    Optimize street lighting performance and accurately measure energy usage in real-time. Full control of your city lighting lets you reduce CO2 emissions, make progress toward your sustainability goals, and lower energy usage and costs, allowing you to reinvest the savings in other areas of your city’s infrastructure.

    scene management

    Scene management


    Public lighting used to come in two settings: on and off. Not anymore. Now you can remotely adapt city lighting to time of night, season or event. Increase lighting in the area where there is an accident or crime. Dim to 30% in the middle of the night when nobody is around. Use smart dynamic lighting to turn parks and plazas into memorable, livable spaces.

    Future roadmap

    environmental monitoring

    Environmental monitoring


    Pollution. Noise. Ice. They can all make city life unpleasant. Even shorten life expectancy. Environmental monitoring uses sensors to gain insights into problems in the city and support decisions on zoning, traffic flows and improving the liability in your city via Interact IoT platform.

    incident detection

    Incident detection


    Turn every lamppost into a city sentinel. Incident detection uses sensors on light poles to continually monitor and alert emergency services when unexpected traffic, sounds or crowd noise is detected. Data is shared over the Interact IoT platform so you respond more quickly and accurately. While long-term data collection supports predictive analytics so you can anticipate and reduce incidents.

    How can Interact City help give your citizens equal access to services and opportunities?

    Interact City dashboard

    Manage your city’s lighting system in real-time through a single Interact City dashboard. Monitor energy consumption to improve sustainability, manage lighting-related work flows and identify lighting faults remotely. Collect and analyze data, to better plan maintenance and deliver a better service for your citizens.

    Outdoor multisensor

    Interact City works with an outdoor multisensor from Signify that complies with the Zhaga-D4i interface standard for smart luminaires. Applications include radar motion sensor for detecting people, cyclists, and vehicles and tilt and vibration ambient noise, and temperature sensing capabilities. When used with a connected luminaire in an Interact City system, data collected by the sensor is stored for analysis and for sharing with other smart city applications.

    Interact City security measures

    Interact City employs several measures to safeguard data integrity and network security. To ensure that scheduling and control commands are executed properly all network communications are encrypted from end to end. Our policies and processes are aligned with global standards such as ISO/IEC 2700x—Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), and we are the first lighting company to be certified to IEC 62443-4-1.

    Interact City APIs

    Open APIs enable integration with other city dashboards and applications. Partners and third parties can be given permission to access lighting control functionality or enable data synchronization with other IT systems.

    Interact City works with lighting from Philips

    Roads and Streets image
    Save energy and improve road safety in your city with Philips LED street lighting, a cost-effective and sustainable choice for cities today.

    Manage your lighting with customized services from Signify

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    Signify is leading the way with customized lighting services that provide the quality of light and peace of mind your city deserves.

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