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    Interact hospitality ecosystem partners

    Beneficial partnerships

    To further enhance the guest experience, manage energy consumption, and maximize operational efficiency in hotels, Interact works with industry leading partners such as property management, access control, and housekeeping systems.
    These certified integrations future-ready your hotel, providing real-time synchronization of data to proactively notify or assign tasks to colleagues, or enable rich, branded interfaces such as apps and voice to meet the needs of today's and tomorrow's guests.
    Guest experience partner logos

    Guest experience

    Next-generation user interfaces and bring-your-own devices such as apps, tablets, AI, and voice provide a deeper level of interaction and personalization. Guest-facing technology gives guests greater visibility and control, enriching the guest experience.


    Guest adoption is key to investment, so seamless integration is essential to create an intuitive and frictionless experience, whether by voice, in room TV, tablets, or in the hotel's app on a guest device.

    Hotel operations partner logos

    Hotel operations

    Real-time information such as occupancy and guest requests from Interact enhance the services response of the operational systems such as housekeeping and engineering to automate task creation and allocation.


    Real-time occupancy can dynamically reprioritize scheduled tasks, routing staff to rooms they can access automatically, reducing wasted time and unnecessary guest disturbances.


    Engineering systems use real-time data to generate tasks where rooms have exceptions, such as a device offline, high humidity, or elapsed statuses, such as DND over 24 hours.

    Property management partner logos

    Property management

    By linking to Property Management systems (PMS), we can dynamically adjust room conditions based on both check-in and real-time occupancy status, conserving energy when a room is not sold.


    Guest preferences such as lighting, temperature, and language are retained during a stay, then reset ahead of the next guest's arrival. Check-in events reset rooms and trigger welcome scenes to enhance guest experience.

    Access control partner logos

    Access control

    By linking with an access control system, we can tailor room conditions based on who is entering, providing different experiences to people entering the room.


    Understanding that occupancy is a staff member can, for example, make the room brighter for cleaning and inspection, followed by shorter timeout to maximize energy saving.

    How the partner program works

    We're always looking for new partners who share our passion for creating unique, value-added solutions for the hospitality industry.


    Interact API's provide secure access to query and manage services and statuses in guestrooms, as well as providing real-time data such as changes in occupancy state, environmental conditions, requests and alerts. Operational systems can harness this data to enhance staff productivity, such as automatically creating and assigning tasks to colleagues, or dynamically reprioritizing schedules based on real-time occupancy.Next-generation UI's such as apps, voice, IPTV, and chatbots can provide guests with rich, intuitive control over room services from a convenient and hotel branded interface.


    Check out our API documentation on the Developer Portal or contact us to start the conversation.

    Works with certification

    To ensure the quality and stability of our systems on customer sites, we offer a testing and certification service to integration partners.


    Once you have completed development using our tools, you can request a certification appointment. We will set up a simulation hotel server for you to connect to over a secure connection, and jointly test the full range of services that you have implemented for functionality and data accuracy. We will provide guidance and a suggested test plan, retesting if there are any outstanding items. Once complete, we will issue your certification.

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    Talk to our experts


    Tell us what you're looking for. Our experts will work with you to design the system that's right for you. If you're a system specifier, find out more about enhancing your client's offering with Interact and request access to tender text.

    Tools & resources


    Join our developer community for access to open APIs and other development tools. You can create personal assistance apps, integrate with building management systems, analyze collected data for new insights, and much more.

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