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    Lighting management for recreational sports

    Total control over lighting on the training field

    With Interact Sports Lighting management, it’s easy to manage, monitor and control connected lighting across your sports and training facilities.

    Using the intuitive dashboard, you can pre-program the right lighting settings and make instant adjustments.

    You also have access to valuable data that enables you to identify opportunities for optimizing your facility’s lighting schedules and operations.

    Benefits for facility operators 

    Flexibility at your fingertips

    Activate pre-programmed lighting settings for training sessions or matches and, if necessary, make real-time adjustments at the touch of a screen. Increase operating hours and business opportunities though greater flexibility and responsiveness to visitor needs and requests.

    Take control from anywhere at any time

    Using a mobile device, tablet or computer dashboard, you can control your lighting from virtually anywhere, whether for one or multiple facilities. 

    An intuitive dashboard application

    Using an intuitive dashboard application, you can easily access both aggregated and real-time performance and consumption data, so you know your lighting is operating at its best.

    Valuable data insights

    Use the data collected by the system to get an in-depth understanding of your lighting usage. The system alerts you if there is a lighting failure. Insights help you further optimize operations and maintenance activities for your training facility. 

    Benefits for players and visitors 

    Consistent comfort 

    Pre-schedule light settings for an evening training session or match ahead of time to reduce set-up activities and save time. 

    Improve the spectator experience 

    Improve the spectator experience for family and friends by providing better lighting that can be adapted to time of day and weather conditions.  
    Interact Sports Lighting management software video
    Managing, monitoring and controlling the lighting for training facilities has never been easier. See how local sports clubs are already enjoying the benefits of light scheduling with Interact Sports Lighting management software.

    How Lighting management for recreational sports and training facilities works

    LED lighting is connected via a standard wired network so that data from the light points can be collected via the connected lighting infrastructure and visualized on a dashboard accessible from any networked device. The software can also be used to trigger lighting changes or schedules using the connected lighting infrastructure. The cloud-based dashboard can display real-time and historical data, enabling you to compare, monitor and manage your lighting from a single location.

    Robust Security

    With end-to-end identity management for users as well as devices, the system employs best-in-class cyber security standards and ensures that only authorized personnel have access to the lighting system. System security checks and updates are automatically applied via the cloud.

    Open APIs

    Open, secure API enable the sharing of real-time and historical lighting data with other IT and facility management systems to enable these systems to manage lighting schedules or events.  APIs also enable you to share the lighting data with third parties who could create additional software apps or services to further improve your facility operations.

    Featured case study

    Case study Vadmyra


    Located in Bergen, Norway, Vadmyra is a popular local sports club with over 450 members. As an environmentally aware sports club, Vadmyra does is best to promote sustainable practices.

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