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    Interact Pro

    Connected lighting and software for small and medium-sized businesses


    Bringing easy to install wireless connected lighting to small and medium-sized businesses, the Interact Pro app allows fast set up by electrical contractors and personal control for employees.

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    The simple way to connected lighting


    Interact Pro is an intuitive app and portal that deliver the power of IoT connected lighting to small and medium-sized businesses with up to 200 light points. It works with Philips LED smart luminaires, retrofit kits, lamps and smart sensors and wall-switches that are Interact Ready. Data generated from projects can be used for service contracts-based alerts on light failures, optimized energy usage and light schemes.


    How does Interact Pro help You?

    • Easy to install and set-up
    • Long-term, low-risk solution
    • Reliable and robust
    • Effortless compliance

    What is possible

    commissional app

    Interact Pro app for electrical contractors


    Do more, be faster while strengthening your image as a professional lighting expert.  Interact Pro offers you a risk-free route to new connected lighting business at significantly lower project cost than before. Simply install the Interact Ready lighting and Interact Pro gateway, download the app and set up the system. Simple, intuitive and there are no extra cables.

    personal control

    Interact Pro personal control app


    Make employees more comfortable and productive by allowing them to control light settings around their work area though Interact Pro personal control app. The connected lighting system supports desired business outcomes through optimized and personalized light levels to meet employee preference, or task, safety and security requirements.


    Interact Pro dashboard

    The Interact Pro dashboard allows you and your client to track information on the system health, energy usage and lighting performance. Alert messages on faults, and remote access to real-time data helps you reduce the cost to serve and minimize downtime. Insight from the dashboard allows you to further optimize energy usage and light settings for you client.

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    Interact Pro gateway

    Interact Pro gateway


    As the heart of the connected lighting system, the Interact Pro gateway connects the system to the cloud via the Internet. It establishes secure wireless ZigBee connections with up to 200 light points.  And allows bi-directional control and sensor data to be exchanged between Interact Ready luminaires, lamps, sensors and switches and the Interact Pro system and software.


    Interact Pro is easy to set up

    quick installation guide
    The Design Guide provides basic knowledge of the system architecture, installation options and equipment.
    A series of short videos demonstrates step-by-step how to install Interact Pro.
    A series of short videos demonstrates step-by-step how to install Interact Pro.
    Interact Pro brochure

    Learn more about Interact Pro connected lighting and software

    Need more support?

    Contact us if you're interested in a live demo, or to learn about how to become an Interact Pro Certified Installer.
    • Interact IoT Platform

      Interact IoT Platform

      Find out more about the benefits Interact IoT Platform and connected lighting can bring you, your customers, citizens and employees.

    • Interact Ready

      Interact Ready

      Philips Interact Ready luminaires, retrofit kits and lamps work with the intuitive Interact Pro app to enable connected lighting for small and medium-sized businesses.

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