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    The UK’s first Interact Sports lighting control system

    St George’s College

    Weybridge, UK

    Introducing the first installation of an Interact Sports lighting control system at St George’s College in Weybridge in the UK.

    As the quality and level of sport being played here at St George’s grows, so too does our need to provide a venue that matches it.”

    - Errol Minihan, Head of Facilities at St George’s College

    Customer challenge

    As a venue for high-level hockey, the pitch at St George's College needed to meet strict lux levels set by Hockey England. The existing lighting system was outdated and failed to meet these levels and required a specialist company to service the lights which was expensive. The college wanted to reduce maintenance and running costs, while meeting lux targets and gaining control over pitch lighting to create greater flexibility.


    To meet the flexibility, efficiency and lux level targets, new LED-efficient flood lighting was installed, along with new advanced controls to allow for scheduling and programming of pitch lighting through a recreational sports lighting control system. The connected lighting management software gives St George’s College complete control of the pitch lighting and will tie in to future projects with their specialist sports and tennis centres. Because the system works on existing cabling, there was no need for any new cabling to be laid, which saved both time and money on the installation.


    The advanced lighting means pitches can be rented out and customised to the different levels of lighting required for class 1 and class 2 hockey, alongside training and other sports. Lux levels can even be split across a single pitch during training. The lights are also programmed to switch off automatically at night, reducing energy costs and light pollution. As a result of high quality OptiVision luminaires, the need for maintenance and upkeep has also significantly decreased.


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