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    Vadmyra Sports Club

    Bergen, Norway

    Located in Bergen, Norway, Vadmyra is a popular local sports club with over 450 members. As an environmentally aware sports club, Vadmyra does is best to promote sustainable practices.

    The system is great, providing a much better quality of light. We are delighted with the new lighting solution.”

    - Robert Raftevold, Trainer, Vadmyra

    Customer Challenge

    Vadmyra’s old high-pressure sodium lighting was not optimal for many reasons. First of all, it was inefficient – the lights could only be either fully on or fully off. Without a dimming function, the lights were frequently on throughout entire evenings using up far more energy than was necessary.  


    This also resulted in poor visibility for players. With a more flexible solution, Vadmyra could adapt the lighting to suit the exact conditions to ensure visual comfort. Vadmyra saw the replacement of its old system as an opportunity to transform its facility.  


    First, Vadmyra soccer pitch’s conventional floodlights were replaced by new high-quality LED floodlights capable of providing better visibility in different conditions for training and matches. In addition, Interact Sports Lighting management software was installed, configured specifically for recreational sports training facilities.  With Interact Sports Lighting management, it’s easy to monitor, manage and control connected lighting across your sports and training facilities.

    The flexible control system enables staff at Vadmyra to adjust lighting settings with precision at the touch of a screen. The innovative solution can even be used to adjust lighting remotely via a user-friendly dashboard.

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