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    Join us as we explore the IoT and share knowledge, opinions and perspectives from business experts and leaders.

    Leading analysts and researchers agree that security is among the top challenges facing the IoT today. With so much connectivity and data flowing through so many interconnected systems, how do you keep everything secure?

    Is the IoT scalable for your business?

    Data driven tech is changing the rules

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    Transforming retail interactions trend report

    Transforming retail interactions trend report

    What can we expect in the future retail? Read our latest trend report "Transforming retail interactions''
    • Next-generation retail

      Next-generation retail

      As demographically powerful younger generations come into their own, they’re transforming consumer experience and expectations. Our trend report gives details.

    • When a store is more than a store

      When a store is more than a store

      Brick and mortar retail is creatively adapting in response to new consumer modes, needs, and desires. Find out more in our this smart retail trend report.

    • The customer at the center

      The customer at the center

      While retail navigates disruptions to the model that defined it for generations, life is better than ever for individual consumers. Find out why in our latest smart retail trend report.

    • From experience to engagement

      From experience to engagement

      The transformation of the retail industry is complex and is moving in many directions at once. This report examines some of the key developments.

    • The evolution of retail is driven by innovation

      The evolution of retail is driven by innovation

      The world of retail is evolving, with digital natives—of all ages—taking over. So you need to update and adapt—or in other words, be the retailer or brand your customers can’t live without.

    • The rise of the health-conscious shopper

      The rise of the health-conscious shopper

      Today’s shoppers are in a hurry. They don’t have time to wander aimlessly around—they want immediate access to exactly what they are looking for. Additionally, the current generation of shoppers is more health-conscious than ever before. This is driving them to search for products that match up to their healthy lifestyle

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    • Interact IoT Platform

      Interact IoT Platform

      Find out more about the benefits Interact IoT Platform and connected lighting can bring you, your customers, citizens and employees.

    • Customer stories

      Customer stories

      Overview of our Interact case studies.

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