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    Unlocking the value of mobile apps through connected lighting

    A smart retail white paper

    What do shoppers value most in retailers' mobile apps?


    We commissioned research among shoppers in the US, France and the Netherlands to answer this question, as well as to discover what location-based services they would like to see.


    We made many insightful discoveries, including the following key take-aways:


    1. There is a major opportunity for retailers to significantly increase shopper engagement by offering personalised, ‘right place, right time’ location-based services that are truly relevant to the needs and wishes of shoppers.

    2. Integrating location-based services will unlock the power of store apps, increase usage and improve the shopping experience, as well as enabling more efficient and effective store operations.

    3. In the Grocery segment, those surveyed preferred location-based services that help them to save time or money. In this segment we also identified an opportunity for reward-based ‘gamification’, adding an element of fun and social entertainment to the shopping experience. 

    4. In the DIY segment, shoppers preferred location-based services that help them to get the right product, good assistance and advice.


    Download the white paper to learn more about unlocking the value of mobile apps through connected lighting.

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