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    A state-of-the-art, flexible lighting solution

    The KNVB Campus

    Zeist, Netherlands


    The Royal Netherlands Football Association (KNVB) is synonymous with Dutch football. When expanding its training campus in Zeist, the KNVB wanted a flexible, state-of-the-art lighting installation that could help to unlock the full potential of ‘The Oranje’ – the name given to all teams representing the Dutch nation, including the men's and women's senior national teams – and the professional and amateur teams that train there.

    We are extremely proud of what we have achieved on the campus and the lighting has made an excellent contribution.”

    - Bas Stoker, Project leader KNVB Campus and Facility Manager, KNVB

    Customer challenge

    The KNVB’s Campus was already equipped with a new artificial grass pitch and a 500 lux Philips OptiVision LED lighting installation. Signify Certified Value Added Partner, Oostendorp Nederland – specializing in LED floodlight installations – was tasked with installing the lighting for the campus’ expansion. 

    The campus serves as a training facility, a rehab center for players recovering from injury, a base for international football camps and as a testing ground to trial new football concepts, guidelines and innovations. As such, the lighting needed to be versatile. With the possibility of televised matches, the lighting also needed to comply with broadcast standards.

    Lighting up Dutch football 

    Knowing that the lighting would be used for a variety of purposes, Interact Sports, configured specifically to manage lighting at recreational sports training facilities, was identified as the optimal solution. The connected lighting software allows facility managers to activate pre-programmed lighting scenes and settings for training sessions or matches and, if necessary, make real-time adjustments and dim at the touch of a screen.


    Now, users can control all the campus’ pitch lighting from a single, intuitive dashboard application. The system’s flexibility and the ability to pre-schedule light settings ensures that the KNVB always provides best quality of light for evening and nighttime training sessions or matches. Campus management can preschedule the lighting to synchronize with planned activities. Trainers and players can focus purely on football, without worrying about the lights.


    With extensive experience in installing and maintaining LED floodlight systems with the very latest in high efficiency, LED technology, Oostendorp Netherlands took responsibility for putting the new system in place. They specified Philips OptiVision LED luminaires that work in combination with the highly flexible, powerful lighting solution. It’s capable of providing the right light at the right time while delivering maximum energy savings. Climbable poles provide easy maintenance with easy access to the drivers at the bottom of the poles in special cabinets.


    The KNVB Campus now has a lighting system that not only meets but surpasses the average national stadium quality in the Netherlands. The venue is now suitable for televised matches and small tournaments and continues to serve as the perfect place for football players, coaches and referees to meet, play and train. The state-of-the-art lighting solution has helped to reinforce Zeist as the beating heart of Dutch football.


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    Oostendorp Nederland

    This project is in partnership with Oostendorp Nederland, a Signify Certified Value Added Partner.

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