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    Scene management 

    Create stunning and flexible retail spaces

    Beautiful light is essential to a memorable shopping experience. With Interact Retail Scene management you can reinforce your brand, increase sales and boost return visits.


    Create memorable experiences

    Increase engagement and return visits by using lighting to create a welcoming atmosphere and differentiated store experience.  Easily adapt lighting for different seasons and events.

    Influence shopper behavior

    Boost stopping power, grab attention and guide shoppers further into your store with dynamic and colored lighting that attracts attention.

    Help your products look better and last longer

    Lighting recipes are proven to make food look more attractive while promoting preservation, increasing shelf life and helping to reduce food waste. Fresh food LED lighting recipes can enhance the presentation of fresh food by bringing out their true colors.

    Be flexible and future-ready

    Ensure your store is flexible and can quickly adapt to future needs or trends. Create your own personalized lighting scenes and dimming schedules using our intuitive software app for store managers. Easily adjust scenes or update them to match the rhythm of the day. 

    How Scene management works

    Scene management software works with your connected LED lighting infrastructure to remotely monitor, zone, schedule, and control the lighting for all of your stores or a selection of stores. An intuitive software app lets you view, monitor, and manage your store lighting from any networked device. Set permissions and access rights per employee to ensure that different areas of your store are being managed by the appropriate personnel, and use our open APIs to integrate Scene management software with other IT systems. Available either as an on-premise solution or via the cloud.
    Interact Retail Scene management video

    Hassle-free installation
    and maintenance

    Installing Interact Retail as a standalone system is simple, but we also offer pre-configured packages. The wireless group controller reduces the investment level and increases flexibility compared to granular lighting control.

    Optimize presentation and preservation of fresh food

    Our research has shown people remember fresh products as more saturated in terms of color. Therefore we’ve developed LED recipes that match color memory. Stores using the right LED light recipes have shown a 3.5%* increase in fruit and vegetables sales. Light recipes also help you reduce food waste of sliced meat by 20% and significantly increase the shelf life of fresh produce.


    *2012 study with Kaiser’s Tengelmann in Germany

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