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    Innovative lighting that impresses visitors

    Tata Steel

    Port Talbot, Wales

    Tata Steel, one of Europe’s largest steel producers, needed innovative lighting that would not only save energy, but also impress visitors.

    Installation was easy, and not having to worry about switch wiring made it very simple and quick.”

    - Jason Wilkes, Electrical Engineer 

    Customer challenge


    Tata Steel’s innovation room is an exciting place to bring visitors and new employees, used to showcase the latest innovations in the steel industry. This meant the team needed a lighting system that could not only impress visitors, but also worked for their employees. They needed the ability to remotely monitor their lighting, while being able to adjust settings for visual comfort.


    Interact Pro software allows for cable-free, quick and easy installation. The Tata Steel team can run pre-set scenes and schedules when needed, and light levels can be tailored to individual employee requirements, delivering comfortable lighting in an instant. Employees no longer need to use light switches to turn off the lights, thanks to automation enabled by sensors and the personal control app. This also reduces energy consumption beyond a standard LED upgrade by ensuring that the lighting is only on when the room is in use.


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