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    Nologin, a connected company thanks to Interact Pro


    Zaragoza (Aragón), Spain


    Nologin wanted to renovate the lighting in its Zaragoza office. In just one day, Interact Pro became a reality, opening a up range of lighting possibilities.

    Interact Pro and the new lighting strengthens our company’s values: flexibility, dynamism and customization. We have found Interact Pro to be a useful solution for us.”

    - Jorge Marco, Operations Director at Nologin

    Customer challenge


    When Nologin decided to renovate their office space, they recognized the importance of lighting. As a company specializing in technology, their priority became employees’ ability to adjust their surrounding light levels. The office contains multiple workspaces and has staff rotating on constant work shifts, all requiring different scenes and lighting options. Interact Pro allows users to adapt lighting to the time of day, workspace, task or employee.


    In total, Nologin has replaced 120 luminaires. In five simple steps, the connected lighting system was set up. The process included: unpacking the product, installing the gateway, downloading the app, configuring the luminaires, and managing the system through the portal.


    The speedy set-up allowed the scenes in each room to be set in just a few hours. In addition, it was not necessary to rewire the workspace; an important advantage in terms of both time and money. Maintenance is also not necessary, since the system features an in-built alert system.


    Interact Pro offers SMEs like Nologin the best smart lighting solution for their company. As well as adapting lighting to suit any office or workspace, the software creates savings, increases efficiency and improves employee well-being.


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    • A small business gets a connected lighting upgrade

      A small business gets a connected lighting upgrade

      A small office wanted to upgrade to LED lighting and reduce energy costs. The Interact Pro lighting system has allowed substantial cost savings while providing a nicer working environment that can be tailored to an employees’ needs.

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