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    Easy-to-install wireless connected lighting

    Witt & Kleyer

    Norderstedt, Germany

    Locksmith and metalworking company Witt & Kleyer chose Interact Pro for a connected lighting solution, offering comfortable lighting that can be controlled via an app and a dashboard.

    I expected more stress and difficulty during the installation. However, the wireless installation of Interact Pro was really simple. This, in combination with the benefits of excellent light, individual control, and low energy consumption, made it a convincing case.”

    - Michael Kleyer, Managing Director, Witt & Kleyer Schlosserei u. Metallbau GmbH

    Customer challenge


    High-quality, contemporary lighting without additional cables was what managing director Michael Kleyer had in mind for the manufacturing areas and offices at his production site. Ultimately, the aim was to provide the perfect conditions for staff to complete precise and accurate work. The previous lighting system, dating back to 1973, was out of date and didn’t conform to current visual requirements. So, an upgrade was needed.


    Interact Pro offered the perfect solution: easy-to-install, wireless connected lighting. The new installation meant the previous wiring could be kept, so no additional cables were needed. Arndt Elektrotechnik, who carried out the installation, commissioned the whole system via the Interact Pro app in just over an hour.

    Plus, the system is managed via an intuitive dashboard, enabling Arndt Elektrotechnik to check via an asset management dashboard whether the system was working. Energy consumption can also be monitored and optimized remotely. And the staff at Witt & Kleyer can tailor light levels in line with the requirements of their tasks, meaning they have the best quality light at all times.


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