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    Get the best out of your biggest investment: your people

    Interact Office Bio-adaptive lighting is scientifically validated to enhance employee performance and comfort. It provides different levels of light intensity and color temperatures to support well-being, helping to energize employees and improve concentration by supporting the body's circadian rhythm.


    It’s scientifically proven

    Light profoundly affects the human body. Bio-adaptive lighting recreates the natural light curve to follow the body’s natural circadian rhythm throughout the day, ensuring employees are energized through being exposed to the right light at the right time.

    Promote concentration and collaboration

    You can select and define specific bio-adaptive light recipes to support different outcomes. Cool white light at high intensity promotes focus and concentration, while warmer white at a lower intensity encourages collaboration and relaxation.

    Boost employee engagement

    Bio-adaptive lighting software lets you or your employees choose the lighting recipes that are right for them or the task. When employees are in control of their environment they typically feel more engaged, leading to increased loyalty and enhanced performance.

    Create flexible light recipes 

    Easily customize the light to meet specific business purposes, to align with cultural lighting preferences or to combat the impact of certain weather or seasonal changes.

    How Bio-adaptive lighting works

    LED luminaires equipped with Tunable White technology can be controlled to emit specific levels of light and color temperatures. In combination with proven light recipes, the software gradually changes the light color and intensity levels during the day to support employees’ circadian rhythm, helping them concentrate and focus throughout the day, keeping them energized after lunch, and promoting collaboration in meeting rooms. It can even help them to wind down in the evening.

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    Learn how Interact Office Bio-adaptive lighting software can help you

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