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    Enhancing the fan experience

    Sinan Erdem Arena

    Istanbul, Turkey


    With a seating capacity of 22,500 for concerts and 16,500 for tennis and basketball, the Sinan Erdem Arena is the largest multi-purpose indoor arena with dynamic lighting in Turkey.

    Our dynamic sports lighting elevates the Sinan Erdem Arena to one of Europe’s top sporting venues and it gives us immense pleasure to support the transformative and unifying power of sport.”

    - Saner Kırık, Sales Director of Philips Lighting Project Channel for Turkey

    Customer challenge


    Known for hosting highly prestigious basketball matches, Sinan Erdem was ready to take the next steps to establish itself as an arena with an international presence. Stadium management wanted to enhance the fan experience while also  increasing operational efficiency and opening up new revenue potential.

    Stadium flexibility generates new revenue

    Dazzling light and music shows give fans a unique experience while in the stadium, and LED pitch lighting ensures adherence to strict broadcasting requirements and flicker-free viewing at home. The new Interact Sports lighting management software allows remote programming of lighting configurations to give total flexibility of the stadium lighting, expanding the ability to host many different types of events. Interact Sports lighting asset management software also provides the venue management with real-time data on energy consumption and lighting performance.

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    What can Interact Sports do for your venue?

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      Fan experience and easy control – Allianz Stadium

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