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    Interact Sport delivers an immersive fan experience

    Wanda Metropolitano Stadium

    Madrid , Spain


    The Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, a multipurpose venue located in the eastern suburbs of Madrid, passed into possession of Atletico Madrid in 2014, and the team played its first game there in the fall of 2017.

    All fans entering the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium can now enjoy the best lighting experience enabled by the latest illumination technology. This brilliantly supports our ‘fan first’ approach.”

    - Enrique Cerezo Torres, President, Atlético de Madrid Club

    Customer challenge


    For the stadium with its seating capacity for over 67,000 fans, Atlético de Madrid wanted to create an immersive stadium experience that starts from the moment people enter the parking lot and lasts until the moment they leave. In addition to creating the ultimate experience for fans in the stands, it was critical to ensure the best possible viewing experience for people watching at home on TV. 

    Another key priority was to create additional revenue streams for increased profitability by allowing for the flexibility to host a wide variety of new events at the stadium. 

    Creating an immersive fan experience

    Wanda Metropolitano is the first 100% LED lighting stadium installation in the world. Connected LED lighting and Interact Sports software offer unique opportunities for synchronization and integration of different stadium systems. The primary objective of the project was to enhance the fan experience for those enjoying the game in the stadium, and those watching a live or recorded broadcast at home. 


    The new Interact Sports software gives one-touch control of the fully connected and integrated LED lighting for the entire stadium including façade, pitch, hospitality and also exterior parking area lighting. 


    The spectacular roof structure above the pitch is equipped with dynamic Philips Color Kinetics architectural lighting, creating dazzling light shows for visitors. The lighting on the façade can be synchronized via Interact Sports scene management software with the lighting in the parking area, helping to create a fully immersive experience. The façade lighting ensures the structure can be seen from afar and has become a city landmark and tourist attraction.


    The new lighting in the pitch area guarantees maximum quality for television transmission and meets the latest LaLiga, UEFA and FIFA broadcast standards. The pitch lighting can also be switched on and off instantaneously or integrated with other light shows on the façade or bowl. Maximum impact of each type of event is key and therefore the lighting can be easily configured over Interact Sports software to meet the requirements of a wide variety of events.


    The Atletico Madrid Premium ‘Neptuno’ and VIP hospitality areas are also equipped with the latest and most efficient, high-quality LED lighting controlled by one Interact Sports dashboard.  The new LED lighting and control system is expected to deliver energy savings of more than 60% compared to conventional technologies.


    The overall result is that visitors feel welcome and enjoy themselves from entry to exit, while the flexibility offered by Interact Sports software and the new stadium-wide LED connected lighting system opens up new revenue streams for the stadium to increase profitability and expand its appeal as a venue.

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