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    Smart and flexible office lighting for Deloitte


    Milan, Italy

    In 2016, Deloitte embarked on the renovation of three floors in its Milan office, home to Deloitte Digital,  the team that helps clients evolve and innovate for the digital era. The new office design embraced an open plan concept, with interactive technologies and flexible work areas including open space, communal areas, meeting rooms, relaxation rooms and hangout space.

    For Deloitte, innovation is fundamental… we are satisfied with the design and concept of the new offices, as well as with the connected lighting system which enables us to optimize the work environment and maximize operational efficiency.” 

    - Gianluca Loparco, Partner-Business Unit Manager at Deloitte Digital Studio


    Customer challenge

    Deloitte wanted a smart and flexible lighting solution that would give employees greater control over their workspace and support flex work and an open plan office concept. They also wanted to gain insight from sensors embedded in the lighting grid to help facility managers improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.  

    Data and insights

    The lighting system is comprised of over 250 connected Philips LED luminaires plus integrated sensors that collect, share and distribute data throughout the office environment. Lighting is connected to the building’s IT network using PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) technology and controlled by Interact Office Lighting management software.

    Employees can personalize the lighting in their workspace or in meeting rooms using a personal control app on their smartphones. The ability to adjust lighting for the task at hand improves employee comfort and performance.

    Data collected from the sensors embedded in the connected lighting system can be viewed and analyzed via the Interact Office dashboard. The dashboard provides real-time information to facility managers on workspace occupancy and activities to help them maximize space utilization and save on real estate costs. Data visualization via the dashboard shows energy use trends across the office so Deloitte can further reduce costs by lighting only areas in use or dimming during the day when outdoor light levels are high.

    Interact Office connected LED lighting combined with software capabilities such as Space management has enabled Deloitte to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and allows for lighting energy savings of up to 90% compared to traditional lighting.

    This project is the first in Italy to use Interact Office software delivered over a PoE network infrastructure, eliminating the need for electric power supply and enabling the connected lighting system to be integrated with the IT network infrastructure


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