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    Creating a smarter workplace with Interact Office

    WaterPark Place

    Toronto, Canada


    RBC WaterPark Place is home to Cisco’s Canadian headquarters in Toronto. Interact Office software applications and data-enabled services delivered a cutting-edge workspace for employees, and clear visibility on operations for facilities managers.

    The possibilities of this connected lighting system are endless. There are so many capabilities of this system that we haven’t even explored yet.”

    - Richard Lees, Senior Project Manager at CBRE Limited, a commercial real estate and investment services firm

    Customer challenge


    Cisco needed a lighting solution for their four-story office that would support a modern and more intelligent workspace. Their goal was to install a connected lighting system that would enable IoT sensors and software applications to optimize building operations, space utilization and allow employees to achieve maximum comfort at their desks.

    The right system

    Cisco elected to implement Interact Office software applications and data-enabled services.


    The connected luminaires include IoT sensors that provide easy access to data, energy savings, sustainability, and personal comfort. Each luminaire can be uniquely identified by an IP address, allowing them to be individually monitored and controlled, with data managed via the centrally hosted Interact Office software dashboard.


    The data received allows managers to track occupancy patterns and changes in temperature, while also enabling employees to personalize the lighting in their workspaces. Overall, the system offers maximum visibility and better control over the lighting, while also allowing Cisco to reduce energy consumption and improve space efficiency at WaterPark Place.


    The Interact Office installation at RBC WaterPark Place is expected to produce an annual energy savings of 177,000 kWh and an annual cost savings of CAD$45,000. The building has been recognized as the most innovative workplace at CoreNet, an event that awards and recognizes real estate practices. WaterPark Place is a prime example of the type of workplace innovation that we, together with Cisco, are working on to bring to professional buildings around the world.

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