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    Interact City connected lighting and software increases efficiency and reduces cost

    City of Aurich


    Aurich, a city in Northeastern Germany, has recently installed new connected LED street lighting and connected both new and existing street lighting to Interact City Lighting asset management software. This allows city officials to monitor performance and manage all lighting assets remotely from a single Interact City dashboard for increased energy efficiency and cost reduction.   

    Reports generated by the software enable us to analyze the luminaires’ performance and identify where savings can be made and maintenance optimized.” 

    - Iris König, Civil Engineering Office, Aurich

    Customer challenge

    It had become increasingly clear to Aurich’s city government that modernizing their street lighting should be a key element of their urban redevelopment plan. They were looking for a flexible solution that would be both economical and sustainable, while providing accurate asset data that would make daily street lighting management and operations more efficient. Remote monitoring and management, as well as data visualization capabilities were also a key priority. 


    An open and scalable approach

    The city had two clear goals: officials wanted to modernize their street lighting, and cater to the various road layouts which require different types of illumination,  while saving energy and improving sustainability


    They decided the right solution would be an upgrade to connected LED lighting managed by Interact City Lighting asset management software.


    The first step was to install new LED street lighting to replace inefficient mercury vapor lamps.


    Then the city implemented Lighting asset management software to enable the remote management of both its new and existing street lighting, enabling officials to oversee the entire lighting infrastructure from a single easy-to-use dashboard.

    The Interact City dashboard provides intuitive data visualizations and lighting asset management capabilities so officials can monitor, analyze, and maintain their lighting infrastructure to optimize savings and performance. This insight gained through the dashboard can be used to identify issues and outages quickly and plan maintenance more effectively, reducing downtime.


    Interact City Lighting asset management software is open and scalable so it can adapt easily to the changing needs of the city.


    With a decrease of 659 metric tons of CO2 and a cost savings of €250,000 annually, the project will pay for itself within just six years. The new Interact City connected lighting and Lighting asset management software enables Aurich to invest in its smart city infrastructure and supports a sustainable future. 

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