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    Buenos Aires: an innovative platform that supports adaptive smart city applications

    City of Buenos Aires



    With Interact City lighting management software, Buenos Aires is a safer, smarter, more energy-efficient and sustainable city.

    In addition to enabling energy savings with LED lighting, Interact City provides our customers with integrated lighting management software that is flexible and sustainable.”

    - Gustavo Verna, CEO of Philips Argentina

    Customer challenge


    While Buenos Aires is constantly striving to become a more sustainable city, the growing population was leading to increased energy consumption and CO² emissions. To address these issues, Buenos Aires was looking for a high-quality LED street lighting system with cloud-based lighting management software that reduced costs by driving new efficiencies and could grow to meet the future needs of the city.

    Data and Insights

    To reach its sustainability goals, the Buenos Aires government was in need of a new public lighting system to significantly reduce energy consumption while also ensuring the well-being and safety of citizens. Buenos Aires now benefits from an intelligent, future-proof public lighting solution, combining energy-efficient LED luminaires with sophisticated Interact City lighting management software.


    Interact City provides a future-proof service by supporting adaptive applications, and partnering with SAP offers the city a 360-degree view of data using the SAP HANA platform. Buenos Aires was able to implement new applications while working with their existing infrastructure, giving them the opportunity to seamlessly implement new smart city applications that improve data capture, insight and ultimately the livabily of the city while reducing costs. With Interact City lighting management software integrated with the SAP HANA platform, street lighting managers can more efficiently control, plan, and manage lighting across the city. Interact City software dashboards and applications enables monitoring, switching, and dimming of each light point in the network, optimizing energy consumption while creating safe conditions for both vehicles and pedestrians.

    The installation was completed in three phases over the course of three years. In 2013, 11,000 LED luminaires were installed on main avenues and streets. An additional 40,000 were installed in both 2014 and 2015 on secondary streets, for a total of 91,000 new light points in the city. The complete installation has upgraded 75% of the lighting in Buenos Aires, saving 50% in operational costs, and significantly reducing annual CO2 emissions.

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