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    First IoT-based connected lighting system in the Nordics


    Copenhagen, Denmark

    As part of a broader plan to use integrated IT and communication technologies to improve citizen services, the municipality of Albertslund in Copenhagen has installed the first IoT-based connected lighting system in the Nordics into their new office building.  The connected lighting system is supported by Cisco switch technology.

    Interact Office offers us the opportunity to use connected LED lighting as part of a broader IT-driven program and gives us a robust infrastructure to support a smarter workspace for our employees.”

    - Niels Carsten Bluhme, Director of City, Environment, Culture & Employment at Albertslund Municipality 

    Customer challenge


    With the desire to use the latest technology to drive operational efficiency and support sustainability objectives, the municipality of Albertslund in Copenhagen has installed the first IoT-based connected lighting system in the Nordics in their newly built smart office building. Through the Interact Office management software, the installation gives building managers unique insights into energy use and space utilization, while enabling office workers to personalize the office lighting around their workspace through a smartphone app. The project is a key part  of Copenhagen’s Lighting Metropolis initiative.


    Albertslund Municipality believes that the energy-efficient connected office lighting system can act as a platform in the evolution towards using IoT technologies to deliver better insight, management and services. Now that connected lighting infrastructure is in place, additional evolving applications can be added via the Interact Office software.

    Data, insights and personal control

    The smart office in Copenhagen features a connected LED lighting system with embedded occupancy sensors that are integrated in the luminaires. Approximately 400 lights are connected via Cisco switch technology and the connected lighting can also share data acquired via the sensor network. The connected lighting system transmits the data directly via Interact Office software which is integrated with other building management systems.


    Data acquired by the sensors will provide new insights via the Interact Office management software into the building's use and operations. Information, such as light levels, energy consumption and room occupancy, will help building managers optimize energy use and improve management of the office space. The connected lighting system also gives office workers the ability to control the lighting and other building services by their smart phones via the Interact Office control app. This supports the Municipality’s goal of creating a progressive working environment that increases employee satisfaction and productivity, ensuring that employees feel empowered and have the right light for any given task.

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