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    Enhancing Glasgow's Tradeston Bridge with lighting

    Tradeston Bridge, Glasgow

    Glasgow, Scotland

    Signify the world leader in lighting, has enhanced Glasgow’s Tradeston Bridge with dynamic, sustainable, connected lighting. 

    The new installation at Tradeston Bridge combines cutting-edge design and sustainable LED technology, that ensures energy efficiency, connectivity and innovation.”

    -Stephen Rouatt 

    CEO, Signify UK & Ireland 

    The Tradeston Bridge installation builds a flexible canvas for stunning, dynamic lighting effects that contribute to a creative, welcoming environment that reflects the people and culture of Glasgow."


    Dervan Alleyne, Commercial Lead for Public & Sports Lighting, Signify 

    UK & Ireland

    Customer challenge

    Tradeston Bridge has spanned the Clyde since 2009, linking the industrial Tradeston district on the south bank of the river to the Broomielaw and the city’s financial hub. Glasgow City Council saw the potential of the bridge as more than a river crossing, but a source of pride for the community that would encourage footfall, enhance the area’s attractiveness to businesses, citizens and visitors, and boost the local economy.



    Signify and Lightways (Contractors) Ltd delivered a fresh new lighting design that complements the bridge’s eye-catching, wave-like structure and form. The handrail has been fitted with custom stanchion lighting using Color Kinetics high-performance professional LED lighting products from Signify. The system is connected to Signify’s Interact Landmark software application, which controls the lights from a central dashboard and offers the ability to monitor and manage performance and outages from a single, secure dashboard. 


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