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    Interact delivers smart street lighting for Glasgow

    Sauchiehall Street

    Glasgow, Scotland

    Signify has helped Glasgow City Council deliver on its redevelopment programme by providing bespoke, decorative, connected street lighting in its famous Sauchiehall Street.

    The vision is to make the city safer and more welcoming. The new lighting will make a big contribution to its beautification and quality of life for residents and visitors.”

    - Susan Aitken, Leader of Glasgow City Council and Chair of the Glasgow City Region Cabinet

    Customer challenge

    Glasgow City Council wanted to make its city centre a more attractive place to live, work and enjoy as part of its ‘Enabling Infrastructure – Integrated Public Realm (EIIPR) programme’. A significant part of achieving this goal was to have a connected lighting system throughout the city centre.


    Signify designed bespoke street lighting that has contributed to Glasgow City Council’s ambition to transform into a more beautiful city centre that serves the needs of its residents and tourists.


    The columns have been designed to look like trees to blend into the tree-lined avenues, enhancing the lighting and attractiveness of the area. They can also provide light shows using the Interact Landmark connected lighting platform to showcase features such as sparkling lights, snowfall effects and dynamic chaser lights which go up and down the Avenue.


    Furthermore, the lighting will provide wayfinding to guide residents and visitors. The decorative lighting columns will enable the area to adapt seamlessly to what is going on, for example, during the lockdown in April 2020, the lights were turned blue in honour of the NHS.


    Funding which has come from the Glasgow City Region City Deal (funded by the Scottish and UK Governments), has enabled the City Council to invest £115 million in regenerating the city centre, making it a greener, safer and more aesthetically pleasing area. In addition to the separate cycle lanes and pedestrian priority routes, the area now has more greenery making it more attractive, people-friendly, and economically competitive. Signify’s Color Kinetics luminaires give a new dimension to the area and showcase what connected lighting can do.


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