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    Enhance your fresh food area

    Use lighting to increase sales and limit waste in your fresh food department

    Fresh food LED recipes help you strike the perfect balance between presenting fresh food at its best while increasing shelf-life. By adding dedicated schedules with Interact Retail Scene management, you can tune intensity for optimal presentation at certain times of the day, or for minimizing the number of dark hours to keep produce fresher for longer.
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    Benefits for shoppers and retailers

    Optimize presentation, increase sales

    The right lighting will make your fresh produce appear fresh and attractive. This optimized presentation will lead to the food looking more appealing, leading to an increase in sales.

    Preserve quality, reduce waste

    The right lighting preserves the quality of fresh produce. For example, it delays sliced meat from greening and cheese from oxidizing. By optimizing quality, the right lighting extends shelf life and reduces waste.

    Create a memorable experience 

    Using fresh food LED lighting recipes, designed for perishable food items, your customers will notice and remember the quality and appearance of your offering.

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    The perfect recipe

    Improving presentation, preserving quality, and creating a memorable experience: all with Philips Fresh food light recipes.
    Philips Fresh food light recipes - series of in-depth whitepapers

    Want to delve into the details?

    Discover our series of in-depth whitepapers that discuss how our recipes can work for fruit and vegetables, meat, and cheese.
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    Interact Retail Scene management

    Schedule Fresh food light recipes throughout the day with Scene management software.
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