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    Take your store above and beyond with connected lighting

    Retail is moving forward, and you can too


    Rising energy prices and increasing scarcity of labor are putting pressure on store profitability. At the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic is changing shopping behavior. Embrace these changes with connected lighting.


    With Interact, you can optimize your store’s operational efficiency across one or multiple sites—scaling up as it suits you—while enhancing the shopper experience and cutting energy costs. Whether you’re triggering uniquely designed lighting scenes to make your store’s shopping experience stand out, monitoring energy usage and adjusting your lighting settings to hit sustainability KPIs, reducing maintenance visits through remote operations, or using innovative indoor navigation technology to provide shoppers with a personalized, convenience-driven aisle-side experience, Interact is here to help you elevate your stores.


    Lead your store into the future with Interact

    Make the most of your store

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    Maximize energy savings

    Monitor your energy usage across one site or many via a single intuitive dashboard and design lighting schedules based on your sustainability goals, adjusting in real-time as needed. Philips LED luminaires paired with the Interact system can provide energy savings of up to 75% over conventional lighting.
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    Scale up

    Manage all your lighting across multiple, geographically distributed sites and enjoy total freedom and flexibility, while ensuring a consistent in-store experience. Control a single luminaire or your entire lighting operation. Start with one location then easily scale up and control all your stores.
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    Enhance the in-store experience

    Implement lighting settings that create the ambiance that matches your brand experience. Enhance the shopper journey with wayfinding and other innovative location-aware capabilities, then analyze in-store traffic patterns to optimize your store layout and increase efficiency.

    Don’t just follow the change—lead it


    • Electricity prices have quadrupled in some European markets since 2020. Interact gives you insight into energy usage and ways to reduce it.
    • Interact can save 27,600 kWh/year at a typical European supermarket, equal to the annual CO2 emissions of 4.25 cars.
    • 40% of shoppers say they regularly have trouble locating a product. End their frustration with Interact.
    • In the pandemic era, shoppers buy more but want to spend less time in-store. With Interact Indoor navigation, they can quickly find exactly what they want.

    Discover what smart lighting can do for you

    White paper: Connected lighting and indoor positioning in retail

    Connected lighting in the retail market: a white paper


    Produced in partnership with leading market analysts Guidehouse Insights, this white paper offers intelligence on six key retail megatrends and explores the potential of lighting controls and indoor navigation for the grocery and large retail market.

    Making shopping better—for good

    Making shopping better—for good


    IoT lighting solutions, including autonomous shopping capabilities, are helping grocery retailers meet these challenges and thrive in the post-pandemic era.

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