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    Custom Dashboard

    Uniquely yours, for all your lighting needs and beyond


    The Custom Dashboard lets you tailor your smart lighting solutions – and your dashboard itself – to your unique needs. It gives you precision control over your lighting and energy, whether you’re managing a building, street, highway, or city. An update on the existing dashboard, the Custom Dashboard is integrated with a range of additional benefits.


    As before, you can view detailed energy, fault, and occupancy data across individual areas or your whole operation, but now you can also combine areas, set up needs-specific targets and notifications, delegate access on an area-by-area basis, create custom light buttons, and export reports. 

    Interact Custom Dashboard overview of connected systems

    Manage your operation

    View energy, fault, and occupancy data on a micro or macro scale. Whether you want information on your whole operation, an individual area, or a combination of areas, you have access to an entirely tailored data set, so you can better manage, monitor, and control your usage. Access integrated reports across multiple systems and export them directly from your dashboard. Grant full or partial access to the system to employees or tenants as needed.

    Track your progress

    Set up notifications based on triggers that matter most to you with smart management tools. Set targets and get updates on your progress on the dashboard itself or via email notifications. You can even have notifications delivered directly to third parties. For example, your system can automatically send notifications to maintenance crews or emergency services in the event of a lighting fault or suspected road collision; or simply to a building’s tenants on a regular basis so they can better monitor their usage.
    Interact Custom Dashboard lighting energy usage

    Save money, energy, and the planet


    The ability to monitor your energy usage and set trackable targets helps you save on spending and hit sustainability KPIs. These tools are increasingly valuable, given spiking energy prices and the need to stave off environmental disaster.

    Create custom light buttons


    Generate specially designed lighting scenes at the push of a button – literally – by creating custom lighting settings that you can personalize at any time. These can be used day-to-day or triggered at specific times, like during certain weather patterns or seasonal events. You can even personalize the interface itself, re-arranging it according to your priorities when viewing energy reports.

    Get started


    The Custom Dashboard is a purchasable add-on with an annual fee, and available at point-of-service, so there’s no need to rely on APIs or external/in-house software developers for similar levels of customization.

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    Parler à nos experts


    Dites-nous ce que vous cherchez. Nos experts travailleront avec vous pour concevoir le système qui vous convient. Si vous êtes un spécialiste de système, renseignez-vous sur l'amélioration de l'offre de votre client avec Interact et demandez l'accès au contenu de l'appel d'offres.



    Outils & ressources


    Rejoignez notre communauté de développeurs pour accéder à des API ouvertes et à d'autres outils de développement. Vous pouvez créer des applications d'assistance personnelle, les intégrer à des systèmes de gestion de bâtiment, analyser les données collectées pour obtenir de nouvelles informations, et bien plus encore.



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