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    Connected LED lighting transforms a historic landmark

    Degollado Theater

    Guadalajara, Mexico


    Built in 1866 and located in the heart of the historic center of Guadalajara, the Degollado Theater, with its signature neoclassical architecture, is one of the best preserved theaters in Latin America. The newly installed connected LED lighting system is a key element of the city council’s plans to illuminate the historic center of Guadalajara and enhance the urban landscape in a more sustainable way.

    We wanted a lighting concept that respects the heritage and splendor of this iconic building, which represents the cultural identity of the city.”

    - Hugo Jáuregui Gómez, Lighting Designer

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    Because the Degollado Theater is a historic building in the center of the city, it was important that the lighting honor the unique architecture of the structure while providing a cost-effective solution with easy control and management of the lighting installation. The goal for the project was not only to increase tourism in the area, but to use light as a basis for urban regeneration as well as a catalyst for new social and economic development.

    Cloud-based and remotely managed

    The Degollado Theater is the first building in Latin America to be equipped with Interact Landmark, a cloud-based connected lighting management software that allows architectural LED lighting systems to be monitored, maintained, and managed from anywhere in the world over a standard internet connection. This allows the Degollado Theater to be illuminated with white light to highlight the architectural features, or in a plethora of colors and dazzling light effects for various events or festivities. Content can be changed at any time using the Interact Landmark Scene management software.

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