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    Energy savings and operational excellence with Interact City




    The city of Guadalajara, Spain has installed 13,500 connected LED light points and 187 cabinets controlled by Interact City lighting management software as part of a major upgrade to improve the efficiency of their city lighting. Interact City lighting asset management software combined with LED street lights has enabled the city to save 68% on energy consumption and reduce operational costs considerably.

    This lighting management software helps us to reduce energy consumption, be more efficient, and ultimately helps us provide a better service to our citizens.”

    - Antonio Roman, Mayor of Guadalajara

    Customer challenge


    With lighting accounting for nearly 50% of the city’s energy consumption, officials on the Guadalajara city council wanted a connected lighting system with the flexibility to remotely monitor and manage the city’s connected light points, as well as the group cabinets located throughout the city. Interact City lighting asset management software makes this possible by providing a single dashboard for lighting monitoring and management via a secure web browser.

    Improving efficiency and saving energy

    By combining LED luminaires and Interact City lighting management software, the city of Guadalajara is well on their way to becoming a smart city. Lighting managers can monitor the performance of individual LED street lights in near real time and dim or increase brightness in certain areas, such as busy pedestrian crossings or public squares. This combination of energy-efficient connected street lighting and remote management is helping the city to reduce its carbon footprint while increasing the services it offers its residents.


    Improving operational efficiency was another goal of the city council. Interact City allows users to manage the lighting infrastructure from just one interface. The powerful asset management software gives managers a map-based view of the city’s lighting assets and workflows so that maintenance crews can be efficiently scheduled to resolve any issues. The percentage of failure complaints from citizens has decreased to less than 0.1% per year.


    Open source Interact City management software means the digital infrastructure is scalable and future-ready for new IoT applications like sensors and other smart city functionality. With Interact City, Guadalajara is ready to meet the future needs of the city and its citizens.

    What can Interact City do for your city?

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