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    A personalized, frictionless shopping experience


    Dubai, United Arab Emirates


    See how Interact Retail indoor navigation software enriches the aswaaq REACH loyalty app, creating a personalized and frictionless shopping experience.

    Having our loyalty program and generating the data that is required to give customers a personalized experience is good, but having the application where you can navigate through the store is even better.”  

    - Affan Al Khoori, Deputy CEO at aswaaq

    Customer challenge


    As one of Dubai’s leading supermarket chains, aswaaq is a local store with international standards. Innovation is embedded in the DNA of the company, which is why when aswaaq looked for a smart, connected retail experience to enhance their shopper experience, they turned to Interact Retail.

    Using data to enhance customer experience

    Aswaaq not only wanted to increase brand loyalty and offer better customer service, they also wanted to provide a more personalized and convenient shopping experience for their customers. They were able to address these requirements with Interact Retail indoor navigation software, which is capable of delivering a wide range of location-based services to customers.


    Interact Retail fit with the aswaaq brand’s innovative philosophy and was an easy choice. It offers patented visible light communication (VLC) technology embedded in high-quality LED luminaires that enable reliable and hyper-accurate location-based services. By collaborating with Aisle411 on the floorplan and routing, as well as with aswaaq’s app development partners AlphaData and ValueLabs, we were able to build a state-of-the art shopping experience powered by Interact Retail software.


    With Interact Retail indoor navigation at aswaaq, shoppers can simply open their app to receive optimal route guidance, be alerted to nearby discounts, and even receive recipe suggestions all based on their shopping list and location, making shopping a more pleasant, personal and stress-free experience.


    But how can an app and light fixtures deliver this kind of real-time location information? Each Philips luminaire in the store sends a unique code called visible light communication (VLC). The front-facing camera of a smartphone receives this code and the Interact Retail software then identifies it, and pinpoints the exact location of the phone on the map of the store, making it location-aware.


    While the shopper benefits are obvious, the advantages for aswaaq’s management are also plentiful. With Interact Retail, aswaaq can enjoy numerous benefits including an increase in app usage, brand enhancement, and additional spend per basket. Additionally, aswaaq is now able to capture real-time data, enabling the company to analyze shopper traffic and behavior, optimize operations and accurately measure the impact of their marketing.


    Mr. Affan Al Khoori, aswaaq’s Deputy CEO, is optimistic that Interact Retail indoor navigation will lead to many more successful advances for aswaaq. “At aswaaq, we have been working toward bringing something new to the market. We have done it and we are on our way to developing it further.”


    With Interact Retail indoor navigation software, aswaaq is paving the way for the future of retail, and is well on its way to becoming the most innovative and customer-focused retailer in Dubai.

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