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    Enhancing guest experience at Swissotel The Stamford

    Swissotel The Stamford



    Swissotel, in Singapore, is committed to providing an outstanding guest experience and enhancing employee satisfaction with smart room control technology while maximizing operational and energy efficiencies.

    Interact Hospitality has helped us strengthen our brand pillar of enhancing employee satisfaction, which has in turn enhanced guest satisfaction.”

    - Katya Herting, Hotel Manager, Swissotel The Stamford

    Customer challenge


    The 1,261-room five-star hotel, part of the Accor group, is one of the tallest in Southeast Asia at 226 meters high. With a firm commitment to providing an enhanced guest experience and meeting sustainability goals, Swissotel was looking for a system that would help improve staff efficiency and seamlessly integrate with other automated hospitality systems such as HVAC and Oracle Opera. Interact Hospitality was the answer.

    Enhancing guest experiences and improving hotel operations

    The superior guest experience starts upon arrival at the front desk, according to Nicolas Mak, Director of Facilities at Swissotel The Stamford. When guests check in, the air conditioning will be set at an optimum temperature. Sensors in the room detect when guests have arrived in the room and the lights will turn on. The automated communication between systems maximizes energy efficiency and improves the guest experience, while helping Swissotel meet their sustainability goals.  

    Once guests are in their hotel room, they can use a single control panel to select their desired lighting scene and room temperature. The lighting scenes provide a warm welcome upon arrival in the room, and also help guest unwind in the evening with a relaxing scene.

    Dynamic in-room night lighting sensors respond when guests rise during the night, with low level lighting illuminating the floor automatically for increased safety. And because 35% of people leave the light on in the bathroom during the night, which negatively affects deep sleep, automated lighting helps guest enjoy a better night’s sleep.  

    The Interact Hospitality dashboard allows staff to see real-time guest requests, ensuring quick response and turnaround times, helping to improve productivity and service levels. With a single touch, guests can activate a ‘pick up my laundry’ request from the room, which feeds into a central dashboard to notify that the room does need to be visited.  According to Katya Herting, Hotel Manager, “We have significantly improved the time it takes between a guest pressing the button for laundry pick up and the runner to pick up the laundry.” The system also reduces unnecessary work for staff while minimizing guest disruption, resulting in an overall increase in customer and staff satisfaction.  

    The new system is fully customizable and seamlessly integrates with third-party systems such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), sharing real-time information about the guest room. Occupancy insights from the sensors help lower energy consumption by adjusting heating and cooling levels when rooms are unoccupied.

    The Interact Hospitality system reinforces the hotel’s reputation for comfort, elegance and style.  It also supports Swissotel’s commitment to delivering outstanding guest experiences in an energy-efficient, sustainable way.

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