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    Sabugal is a rural municipality located in the Serra de Malcata nature reserve. Its normally low density population swells substantially in the summer when there is an influx of tourists, and in December, when people return for the holidays. With this fluctuating population putting huge demands on infrastructure, the city needed an energy-efficient, highly scalable lighting system. By converting to LED and controlling the lighting remotely with Interact City Scene management software, they found a future-proof and sustainable solution. Using a simple web application, they can now control the lighting remotely.

    We have been able to employ a technology solution in a rural environment. Interact City enables us to light up the most remote parts of Sabugal.”

    - Miguel Mattos, Project Director I – Sete

    Customer challenge

    Sabugal’s normal population of 12,500 nearly quadruples during the busy tourist months in the summer and in December when family members and returnees come back for the holiday season. Isolated locations, barely accessible most of the year, are suddenly filled with people during high season. This influx of people twice a year puts pressure on the city’s resources, and until recently, the Portuguese municipality had to choose between over-supplying energy all year to satisfy the fluctuating tourist demand, or providing limited, inefficient lighting during the busiest times.

    A smart lighting solution

    Smart lighting

    With its new LED lighting and software management system, Sabugal now enjoys the latest lighting technology, positioning the municipality as a leader in efficiency and improving the lives of its residents, who have expressed satisfaction with the project since day one.

    Efficiency and Savings

    The Sabugal local government estimates that they have seen a 75% reduction in energy costs by switching to LED and controlling the lighting remotely via Interact City Scene management software.




    Interact City Scene management software enables Sabugal to optimize its lighting resources according to its daily needs and the demands of its residents, which fluctuate significantly throughout the year.


    By switching to LED, Sabugal has extended its commitment to sustainability and reduced its carbon footprint, which is especially important given its unique location in the Serra de Malcata nature reserve.

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