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    Smart lighting turns skyscrapers in China into works of art

    Zhongshan Road

    Ningbo, China

    Ningbo, China recently decided to enhance their city skyline with Interact Landmark connected lighting software and LED lighting from Philips Color Kinetics, illuminating the facades of 37 buildings along a 9.2 km stretch of Zongshan road in the city center. The project, one of the largest of its kind, is aimed at boosting tourism and celebrating the city’s cultural heritage, as well as stimulating economic activity.


    The lighting design of the Zhongshan Road mixes colored architectural lighting and world class narrow projection. With energy-efficient lighting and Interact Landmark software, the design was brought to life and everything can be monitored and maintained remotely” 

    - Dongliang XU, Toryo International Lighting Design Center, Founder

    Customer challenge

    The city was looking for a way to boost economic growth and bring more activity to the area along a 9.2 km stretch of road in Ningbo. They chose to illuminate 37 buildings with dynamic architectural lighting to create a stunning new look to the city, and ensure it always looks spectacular by remotely monitoring and maintaining it using Interact Landmark Lighting asset management software.

    Remote control and monitoring

    A connected lighting system with nearly 2000 LED fixtures monitored and maintained using Interact Landmark software accentuates the architectural features of the buildings along this road, drawing people to the city center and creating a spectacular scene at night. The project utilized a powerful mix of color-changing LED architectural lighting and best-in-class narrow projection from Philips Color Kinetics.


    Interact Landmark connected lighting software enables the new LED lighting to be easily monitored and maintained remotely. Building managers are notified quickly in case of an outage and can respond immediately, improving operational efficiency and reducing downtime.

    Interact Landmark’s remote monitoring app has an intuitive dashboard that provides information on each lighting asset, allowing for real-time monitoring and data on assets and system or fixture faults. Historical data can be used to show activity over time to streamline operations and maintenance and create schedules for optimal performance.


    By replacing conventional flood lights with LED flood lights and combining the new lighting with Interact Landmark lighting management software, the city can save 30% - 40% on energy use.


    According to Dongliang XU from Toryo International Lighting Design Center, “The design, the technology and controls combine to not only raise the bar for city illumination in China but to do so in a highly sustainable way.

    What can Interact Landmark do for your city?

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