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    Los Angeles pilots
    evolving smart city applications

    Los Angeles pilot

    California, USA

    The city of Los Angeles was looking to explore additional smart city projects in order to gain addiitonal value from its connected lighting infrastructure. The pilot involves adding sensors to the light poles and adopting an open systems approach for environmental monitoring.


    The LA pilot demonstrates how an open connected street lighting infrastructure can support a wide variety of evolving smart city applications for a more efficient and livable city.

    We really need better information to help us design better cities.”

    - Dietmar Offenhuber, Northeastern University

    Customer challenge

    While Los Angeles has already pioneered the use of digital, connected lighting by converting 140,000 of its 215,000 street lights to LED, and intelligently monitoring and managing 110,000 of them with the Interact City lighting management software platform, city officials felt confident they could unlock additional value for citizens with interconnected applications that use open systems.   

    Data and insight

    The Los Angeles Bureau of Street Lighting and Philips Lighting have collaborated on a program that uses lighting management software and a connected IoT sensor network to manage 110,000 street lights across the city, allowing the city to obtain additional value from the public lighting system. By adding sensors to the light poles and employing an open systems approach, the lighting infrastructure can now be used to monitor environmental noise and the insights can be used to help the city deliver quieter streets for healthier citizens. The pilot also monitored the lighting power grid for more reliable and responsive operations.

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