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    Enhancing the shopper experience with future-ready Interact Retail



    Hoogvliet supermarket has created a differentiated in-store environment in its new store with the installation of LED lighting and sensors controlled by Interact Retail software. The new lighting system enables flexibility and enhances the shopper experience while helping the store reduce costs and improve operations.

    We can now display all our products in the best possible way by varying light levels. This wireless system allows us to save on installation and material costs, and on energy - huge benefits that Interact Retail has pleasantly surprised us with.” 

    - Marco Brienen, construction and technology project manager at Hoogvliet

    Customer challenge

    With nearly 70 supermarkets in the Netherlands, Hoogvliet aims to offer its customers the highest quality product combined with an excellent in-store experience. The supermarket chain wanted to deliver on this promise with its new store in Scheveningen.

    Cost savings and improved shopper experience

    Ease of installation and maintenance, combined with the low cost of materials, were key advantages to choosing Interact Retail. This system uses sensors to connect lighting to the meter box and wireless group controls, avoiding the use of cables, which can be costly and complex to install.

    Software applications add further value for Hoogvliet. With Interact Retail Lighting management software, automated schedules ensure light levels match opening hours or can be adjusted to harvest available daylight. Areas of the store that are used very little, such as the employee cafeteria, can remain unlit when not in use, resulting in energy savings and cost reduction. Furthermore, Energy optimization software lets the store monitor energy usage and provides the insight needed to optimize operations and reduce costs, while the Interact Retail dashboard allows store managers to easily monitor system status and provides notification in case of a luminaire failure.

    According to Rold Drach, technical director at Waterman Installation, “With Interact Retail, we now provide Hoogvliet with a much better service. We immediately see in the store app where we need to make adjustments. This saves a lot of time.”

    With Interact Retail Scene management software, LED lighting can be used to create zones for different departments throughout the store, ensuring an interesting and unique shopping experience. Additionally, varying light levels help engage shoppers and guide them further into the store.

    Interact Retail is future-ready and supports the possibility of integration with other sensors or systems in the future without the need to install additional infrastructure.


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