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    A smart and personalized learning environment with Interact Office

    Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University

    United Arab Emirates

    The Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HMBSU) is committed to using technology to make the learning environment more engaging, adaptive and immersive. Its students receive a combination of web-based and classroom learning that places it at the forefront of modern university education.

    Being the first university in the world to have a smart lighting system will better equip us to deliver highly personalized learning experiences.” 

    - Dr. Mansoor Al Awar, Chancellor Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University

    Customer challenge

    HBMSU aims to provide the smartest learning ecosystem among all education institutions world-wide. With technology forming the basis for instructional delivery, it is the catalyst for creating a smart and adaptive learning environment. The university is also supporting the government’s vision for Dubai to be the smartest city in the world.

    Personalization and insights

    To achieve their goal, the university was equipped with state-of-the-art connected LED lighting with embedded sensors, managed and controlled by Interact Office software.

    Notably, the university does not have any light switches. All lighting is controlled either via a smartphone app, by motion sensors or through a central management system. The lighting also automatically adjusts to outdoor light levels.

    The Interact Office software system is integrated with the university’s building management system so that all building systems work together seamlessly. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) are synced to activate according to the class schedule to ensure student and staff comfort and energy conservation. Sensors detect presence and the lights switch on as students enter the room. Once students vacate the room, the HVAC and lighting are switched off.

    The lighting system and Interact Office Indoor navigation are integrated with the university’s app to help students find available rooms or lead them to their classes.

    Interact Office software and the smartphone app also provide faculty with the ability to control and personalize the lighting and temperature, helping to improve student and staff comfort and performance.

    Data collected from the lighting infrastructure provides information about room occupancy and usage statistics, which allows the university to make decisions in a predictive or adaptive manner. These insights help site managers maintain and maximize the building to its full potential, while requests or issues can be addressed quickly.

    With connected LED lighting, sensors, and Interact Office software, HBMSU can deliver on its promise of delivering a more engaging, adaptive and immersive learning experience.

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