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    Enhancing the in-store experience and improving convenience

    NTUC FairPrice


    Known for offering the best selection of groceries, general merchandise, and household goods, NTUC FairPrice has been Singapore’s leading supermarket since 1973.

    The store combines the use of data and emerging retail technologies to create a smart shopping experience for consumers. By pioneering this innovative concept, FairPrice has taken a big step towards re-inventing grocery shopping.” 

    - Mr Poon Hong Yuen, Chief Executive SPRING Singapore


    Customer challenge

    The large supermarket chain has been incorporating smart technology into some of its flagship stores since 2014, including SCAN2GO systems that allow customers to easily self-scan and purchase their items. Eager to leverage new technologies to enhance the shopping experience and improve navigation in the store, as well as grow the company’s digital capabilities, the company installed connected LED lighting controlled by Interact Retail software at its NTUC FairPrice branch at SingPost Center in Singapore.

    Improving convenience and in-store experience

    As part of a comprehensive approach to enhancing the shopper experience in its new supermarket in Singapore, FairPrice chose Interact Retail connected lighting system with Indoor navigation and Scene management software.

    As a first step to enhancing the digital experience in the store, Cognizant helped to develop the FairPrice@SingPost app. Integrated with Interact Retail Indoor navigation, the app allows shoppers to browse product categories and select specific products when in store, then guides them to the exact location of the selected items. In addition to improving shopper convenience, FairPrice can engage with their customers by offering targeted deals based on location, providing additional reasons to buy and increasing basket size. The targeted notifications are developed by Manthan, one of our indoor location partners.

    This connected lighting system includes Philips LuxSpace downlights and GreenPerform Trunking battens with integrated patented visible light communication (VLC) to enable indoor navigation. VLC technology allows each light point to send out a unique code to a mobile device, pinpointing the shopper’s location on a digital map, enabling navigation to a product with up to 30 cm accuracy. The digital map was developed by Adactive, another Indoor location partner.

    FairPrice plans to use location data gathered from the connected lighting system to improve insights into their in-store marketing efforts as well as streamline their operational activity.

    The new supermarket, which opened in October 2017, includes a showcase food experience zone that features live cooking demonstrations and sampling activities. With Interact Retail Scene management, FairPrice can create customized lighting schedules to spotlight specific demonstrations and other activities to attract customers and enhance shoppers’ in-store experience. The store manager can easily adjust these lighting scenes to match planned activities, holidays or special events.

    Interact Retail Scene management also allows for light recipes, which ensure optimal preservation and presentation of fresh food and extend the shelf life of produce, leading to increased sales, a reduction in food waste, and will contribute to improving the in-store experience.


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