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    Enhancing the shopping experience with Interact Retail


    Hamburg, Germany

    EDEKA group is dedicated to food retail innovation. With roughly 11,700 stores and an annual profit of €44.8 billion, EDEKA is Germany’s leading supermarket chain. Interact Retail has helped transform their store in Hamburg, Germany.

    An innovative lighting concept was the top priority for me – I think that we have created a wonderful shopping experience for our EDEKA customers.” 

    - Dirk-Uwe Clausen, owner-manager of EDEKA Clausen in Hamburg

    Customer challenge

    Hamburg, Germany

    In an increasingly competitive retail environment, EDEKA was looking for a lighting system that would enhance the in-store experience for their shoppers and differentiate them from the competition. In addition, the lighting needed to be smart and flexible, with an intuitive interface to make lighting management quick and easy. Cost savings and energy efficiency were important factors as well. LED lighting controlled by Interact Retail Lighting management, Energy optimization, and Scene management software was the solution.     

    An enhanced shopping experience

    With Interact Retail Lighting management, Energy optimization and Scene management software, EDEKA now enjoys improved flexibility, an increase in energy savings, and delivers an enhanced shopping experience to its customers.

    Using Interact Retail Scene management software, LED lighting can be used to create zones throughout the store. These zones correspond with different departments, ensuring an interesting and unique experience for shoppers. Additionally, varying light levels help engage shoppers and guide them further into the store.

    Interact Retail Scene management also allows for light recipes tailored to each food type for optimal fresh food preservation and presentation. Subsequently, produce shelf life is extended, which reduces food waste and improves the in-store experience for customers.

    Interact Retail Lighting management allows lighting to be scheduled to align with store opening hours and the rhythm of the day. Using an app on their smartphones, store managers can quickly and easily adjust the lighting in order to support new store layouts or promote specific events.

    Interact Retail Energy optimization software drastically reduces energy consumption and improves sustainability in the store. And when combined with smart dimming schedules, LED lighting can lower costs up to 35%.

    Because Interact Retail is smart and flexible, EDEKA Hamburg can quickly adapt to emerging retail trends in the future. 


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