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    With a smart street lighting system and innovative, data-rich Interact City software dashboard, Siegburg, Germany sets a new standard for IoT-enabled lighting asset management that is efficient, accurate, and flexible.

    Working with Interact City has made life much more flexible because management processes are simplified and shown transparently.”

    - Jorg Hartung, Executive Director of Street Lighting

    Customer challenge

    As Siegburg has grown, street lighting has become an increasingly important feature of the town’s public space. Prior to 2014, Siegburg had a mixed public lighting infrastructure with many different pole, bracket, lamp, and luminaire types. Many of these light points were obsolete and did not meet high-efficiency energy requirements, and the lighting system offered  limited opportunities for easy, real-time and flexible data collection and insight generation.   

    Accurate lighting data and insight

    System managers can use the Interact City software dashboard to create type catalogs, which make it simple to select resources and assign them to individual light points. Type catalogs for poles, luminaires, lamps, and brackets include all frequently and recently used types, technical information, and additional user-configurable information. Type catalogs allow Interact City dashboard users to generate and view detailed information on lighting-specific business processes quickly and easily. They also simplify mass detection and maintenance tasks, such as re-lamping.


    Because all operation-relevant processes are simplified and highly transparent, Interact City software has made the working relationship between the city and the utility provider less complex and more productive. More time can now be dedicated to optimizing and improving outcomes for the city.

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    What can Interact City do for your city?

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      Smart city, energy savings – Guadalajara

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