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    Australia’s first all-LED multipurpose stadium

    Optus Stadium

    Perth, Australia


    As a new purpose-built sports venue, Optus Stadium wanted to ensure it installed the very latest lighting technology to create the best possible fan experience. The stadium chose to install IoT-ready connected LED lighting to support its mission to become the premier, multipurpose venue in the Southern Hemisphere. The installation represents the largest LED stadium lighting system of its type in Australia.

    The community has been absolutely blown away by what a fantastic facility has actually been created here in Perth. And the ability to light up the stadium with your team colors on a game day is magnificent.”

    - Ronnie Hurst, Project Director, Department of Sport and Recreation

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    In 2012, the Government of Western Australia set a goal to create a multipurpose facility that delivered a unique experience for fans and the wider Perth community. In addition to year-round use, they wanted a venue that was IoT-enabled with cutting-edge technologies in order to attract domestic and international events.

    Best-in-class fan experience

    The holistic LED stadium lighting system includes more than 22,000 controllable LED light fittings which are managed through the Interact Sports lighting management software. Interact Sports has the flexibility to create a completely immersive lighting experience for fans at the 60,000 capacity venue, making it ideal for a wide variety of events.


    Interact Sports enables remote reconfiguration and monitoring of the LED connected lighting to create a multipurpose arena for fans to watch anything from their home football and cricket teams to world-famous rock bands. Music and lighting can be merged together in advance by the lighting operator using Interact Sports scene management, making it easy to create visually stunning pre-match and half-time light shows. The LED floodlights meet all the requirements for HDTV broadcasting standards for sports lighting.


    The venue showcases the ability to integrate different arena lighting systems through a central Interact Sports dashboard, reducing the complexity of modern IoT-enabled stadium technology. The centerpiece is the pitch lighting system comprised of LED floodlights operated via Interact Sports lighting management and monitoring software. This is integrated with software that controls the external architectural lighting light shows and with entertainment lighiting around the stadium bowl. The stadium façade and roof canopy are lit by connected Philips’ Color Kinetics architectural LED lighting and controlled by Interact Sports scene management software.


    The roof canopy acts as a giant canvas upon which spectacular light shows can be created with patterns and imagery all controlled real-time or pre-programmed via the Interact Sports dashboard. Hospitality areas and offices inside the stadium are also lit with LED lighting that can be added to the remote management dashboard giving easy control of the whole stadium’s lighting via a cloud-based dashboard accessible from any location over any networked device.

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