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    Bridging the physical and digital store experience


    Eindhoven, The Netherlands


    MediaMarktSaturn uses Interact Retail to offer shoppers real-time location-based promotions in the store, with privacy guaranteed.

    MediaMarkt likes to be at the forefront when it comes to innovations in retail.”

    - Martin Wild, Chief Digital Officer, MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group

    Customer challenge


    Online shopping is an unstoppable phenomenon in today's retail landscape. It is fast, convenient and offers people the comfort of browsing in a personalized environment from any location, anytime.


    MediaMarktSaturn, Europe’s leading consumer electronics retailer, has actively responded to this trend by bridging the online and offline shopping experience by integrating its existing StoreGuide app with Interact Retail indoor navigation software

    The power of location-based marketing

    Using patented visible light communication (VLC) technology embedded in each LED luminaire, a unique identification code is sent to the shoppers smartphone via the smartphone camera, which can determine the device’s location with hyper-accuracy. Shoppers must opt-in to the service by downloading the MediaMarkt store app, then when in the store, the shoppers receive real time, location-related information about specific products and attractive offers via the regular StoreGuide app.


    Customers will be directed to within 30 centimeters of products through the Interact Retail indoor navigation software. Searching for items becomes a thing of the past. And privacy is guaranteed as no personal data is collected by the lighting system or Interact Retail software.


    Easy Set Up

    MediaMarkt was looking for a technology partner with whom to collaborate on its in-store shopper experience. According to Martin Wild, Chief Digital Officer for MediaMarkt, “We were immediately interested in LED-based indoor navigation due to its accuracy and its easy maintenance.” The flexible Maxos Fusion LED lighting system guarantees an excellent light quality, is 50% more energy efficient than fluorescent or CDM lighting and has integrated indoor navigation technology as default. Maxos Fusion also reduces the installation and maintenance costs and provides the freedom to place spots anywhere on the light line.

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