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    IoT-based connected office lighting in Beijing

    CABR building

    Beijing, China

    The China Academy of Building Research (CABR), a nearly zero carbon building, is the first in China to be transformed into a smart office with IoT-based connected lighting enabled by Interact Office lighting management software.

    Adopting Interact Office underlines our commitment to innovation and is a solid step towards a sustainable working environment, placing our building at the cutting edge of smart offices.”

    - Zhao Jianping, Associate Dean of Institute of Building Environment and Energy, CABR

    Customer challenge

    The CABR building in Beijing was interested in creating an employee-centric workspace while also saving on energy costs and improving operational efficiency. In addition, it was important that the system was secure and met the Academy’s ambitious sustainability goals.

    Personalization and data-driven insights

    Located on the CABR campus in Beijing, the four-story building contains 4,025 m2 of office space and is the first IoT-ready connected lighting project in China. In addition to increased operational efficiency, Interact Office software supports increased employee comfort and productivity by allowing people to adjust light levels to suit their task and preference as well as personalize other building services via a personal control app.


    After two years of operation, the China Academy of Building Research (CABR) published the building performance results. The report showed that along with other building services responsible for energy consumption, connected LED lighting and Interact Office software delivered a significant contribution to improvements in service quality, user satisfaction and energy efficiency. The pilot project illustrated the importance of connected lighting systems in improving building efficiency and creating smart workspaces for the future.


    Since the installation of Interact Office, the CABR building has been able to deliver a significant decrease in energy consumption and an improvement in operational efficiency.  According to an employee user survey, user satisfaction with the lighting systems is an impressive 100%, with employees ranking the lighting in first place among all other building systems.

    What can Interact Office do for your building?

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