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    Dynamic arena lighting for an immersive fan experience

    Qatar stadiums

    Qatar, Middle East

    Though historically Signify has been pioneers in sports lighting, this is the first time we are lighting up all stadiums in Qatar in which a world’s largest football matches will be played.

    Customer challenge


    Sport is all about moments and experiences — and the modern sporting arena requires a modern lighting system to help both fans and broadcasters capture those moments. the Government of Qatar wanted all venues to be IoT-enabled with cutting-edge technologies in order to attract domestic and international events. Signify has a proven robust system, reliable high-quality products, therefore, got the approval to supply, test and commission 8 sports venues. 


    Interact has the flexibility to create a completely immersive lighting experience for fans at all 8 venues, making it ideal for a wide variety of events, Using the New ArenaVision LED flood lights with Highly efficient optical systems for maximum design flexibility and high level of lighting quality, Instant & dynamic control of the light and flicker free lighting to support the latest TV broadcasting standards.

    Interact enables remote reconfiguration and monitoring of the LED connected lighting to create a multipurpose arena for fans to watch anything from their home football to world-famous music bands. Music and lighting can be merged in advance by the lighting operator using Scene management, making it easy to create visually stunning pre-match and half-time light shows. Ease of use through remote monitoring and management, seamless and flexible integration to other systems such as BMS, most importantly, connectivity and system monitoring for the most efficient maintenance experience.


    The new lighting system also allowed the lighting in each stadium to be managed and controlled centrally via a cloud-based dashboard accessible from any location over any networked device.

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