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    • Interact IoT lighting

      Interact IoT lighting

      Find out more about how Interact IoT lighting software and systems can help you solve the biggest problems facing your business or city.

    • Get in touch

      Get in touch

      Get in contact for all your Interact related questions.

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    • Interact City

      Interact City

      Cities today are facing unique challenges: how can we create cities that are a platform for innovation so that urban environments are more efficient, liveable, and sustainable?

    • Interact Sport

      Interact Sport

      Interact Sports asset management software offers a future-proof platform for integrating all the lighting infrastructure across your stadium and adding other applications into one dashboard.

    • Interact Pro

      Interact Pro

      Bringing easy to install wireless connected lighting to small and medium sized enterprises, the Interact Pro app allows fast set up by installers and personal control for employees.

    • Interact Retail

      Interact Retail

      Interact Retail VLC and software applications offer opportunities for stores to strengthen operational excellence through wayfinding, energy savings, and improved store performance.

    • Interact Landmark

      Interact Landmark

      Transform your buildings, monuments and bridges by using dynamic LED architectural lighting controlled, managed and maintained by cloud-based Interact Landmark software applications.

    • Interact Industry

      Interact Industry

      Connected IoT-enabled LED lighting not only reduces energy costs, but also provides the infrastructure for IoT sensors and smart building software applications to futher enhance saftey and productivity.

    • Interact Office

      Interact Office

      With smart office lighting enabled by Interact Office management software, office buildings can gain valuable efficiencies while offering a more productive and comfortable working environment.

    • Interact Hospitality

      Interact Hospitality

      Interact Hospitality gives hotels the ability to deliver a premium guest experience with smart room controls to improve staff efficiency and operations.

    • Become a partner

      Become a partner

      Become an certified Interact partner and learn how Interact connected lighting systems and software can help grow your business.

    • Interact for highways

      Interact for highways

      Interact connected LED lighting systems and management software put road users first.

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